Frequently Asked Questions

When will RCS open it's doors?
We started planning for Redeemer Christian School almost 3 years ago. At that time, it was our hope to open for the 2021-2022 school year. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not been able to utilize our time as we had hoped. It has been difficult being unable to gather in-person to spread information about this new school. It will be the society that ultimately decides the direction of the school, even the start-up date. We prayerfully hope to start September 2022. 
What is a School Society? And, how is it formed? 
The Redeemer Christian School society is being formed to establish and maintain a non-profit organization with the purpose of providing a system of Reformed, Christian education from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. The administration and instruction in the school will be based on the Holy Bible (the school will use the King James Version) and the doctrine contained in the Three Forms of Unity: the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Cannons of Dordt. The curriculum will be Christ-centered. 

Society Membership
Full membership, with the right to vote, will be granted to male members in good standing within a Protestant Reformed Church. Associate membership with the right to speak, but not to vote, will be granted to parents and guardians that are not members of a Protestant Reformed Congregation.

The Board
The members will elect a school board of 5 members nominated by the Steering Committee. These must be full members of the RCS society. The board will propose the by-laws and the constitution, naming the RCS society and describing the administration of the RCS society for adoption by the RCS society. The constitution and by-laws contain descriptions of the duties of the board members and the responsibilities of the Society members. The usual duties of the board are: to determine the various school policies, to select an administrator and teaching staff, to assure that the educational purpose of the school is being carried out, to govern the finances of the school, and to assure that state requirements are met in alignment with the purpose of the school. 

Society Meeting
Annual meetings of the RCS society members will be called by the RCS Board. Special meetings may also be called as necessary. The annual meeting (usually between the school years), is called for the purpose of electing board members and providing various reports regarding the school. 

The funding needed to carry out the purpose of the RCS society is raised through tuition, donations, fund raising, and gifts given through the Redeemer Christian School Foundation (to be formed).
Will Redeemer Christian School implement a hybrid learning model? 

Redeemer Christian School will not utilize a hybrid learning model in our school. Hybrid learning or "blended" learning is a learning model that combines both formal (traditional classroom) and non-formal (online) methodologies. We believe in-person learning better upholds community among the students, facilitates building of personal relationships with the teacher, maintains the benefits and value of face-to-face (or as we say, soul-to-soul) instruction, upholds the standards of Reformed, Christian education, and delivers excellent learning results. The in-person classroom learning environment is well suited to accomplish the goals of Redeemer's curriculum and instruction. 

What does 'Classical' mean?
The Classical Method: The classical method of instruction aims to equip children, whom God has created to be natural learners, with the tools of self-learning as they progress through the different stages of their development. The classical method strives to lay a firm foundation of factual knowledge, and then build upon that foundation, by teaching students to develop the skills of logical reasoning, discernment, and analytical thinking. In all of this, the Word of God is the standard for determining truth and developing a Christian worldview. The classical method endeavors to help students master the tools of learning, synthesize what they have learned, make practical use of the knowledge they have gained, and express their knowledge and ideas creatively, persuasively, eloquently in speech and in writing. 

Why the Classical approach makes sense for Redeemer: The classical method has certain emphases that agree and fit well with our Reformed, covenantal view of education.  For example: First, the classical method places a high premium on the cultivation and development of reading and critical thinking skills. This emphasis fits very well with Reformed education which holds as one of its fundamental principles sola scriptura, the sole authority and sufficiency of Scripture. Covenant children and young people need to be skilled readers of the Bible. Sharp critical thinking skills will aid them in interpreting Scripture, discerning error, and applying the Word of God to all of life. A classical accent will help train students to be just that. Second, the classical method endeavors to help students develop their written and oral communication skills. This, too, harmonizes with our Reformed faith, because we believe that an essential part of our calling as believers is to bear witness concerning our faith by our words and deeds.